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Spiritual Letter #2 White Gold Powder

Good morning ...

I am waiting for banks to clean and send to Pay pal.

As far as white gold powder goes, we only know about10% of what it

can do.

When I first met David Hudson, the inventor of white gold powder, in

Scottsdale 25 years ago he was interested in learning about alchemy.

That's how we met. He came into my bookshop and asked me if I had any

books on alchemy.

This started a wonderful relationship. We met once a week with several

other scientists and discussed white gold powder, radionics, alchemy

and sacred geometry.

At that time I did not fully understand what he had discovered. Now,

after 25 years and after taking up the study of the Laws of Quantum

Physics I know what it is.

I do not fully understand what all it can do, but I do know that it

will amplify any symbol or human with Life Force.

By ingesting it, it will heighten your healing powers and immune


On the Ormus (white gold powder) forum there are posts from people who

say it has started to regenerate their teeth, etc.

Since it is a gift of the Age of Aquarius, we still have 2000 years to

unveil all of its secrets.

Quantum Physics, with its infinite ocean of energy, called the Quantum

ocean, which I choose to call the Mind of God, is shedding light on

many of the secrets of the ancients.

It is time for us to think out of the box and to stop complicating

things with words. Keep it simple and just do it.

The way I understand the quantum ocean works is this.

There is a Mind of God, Creator God. This mind has presented mankind

with a quantum ocean of infinite energy where everything that ever

was, is or will be exists. It contains many of the divine blueprints

of creation such as the blueprint for a dog, cat, oak tree, human,

planet, galaxy, god and goddess.

Everything is there even free un-manifested energy (like clay)that you

can use to co-create anything you want.

Man has allowed man to create a lot of man made blueprints inside of

the quantum ocean also. This is where a lot of the problems for

mankind has come from. We continually use these erroneous man made

blueprints to run our life.

Time for new blueprints more in line with the divine ones.

Then there is our physical reality all around us. There is you, me,

our family, the planet galaxy etc. All existing in our physical space.

Thoughts are things and they are our communicating link with the

Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

Here is the beauty of the Quantum Ocean. There is an infinitely thin

razors edge between the un-manifested world of the Quantum ocean and

the manifested physical world all around us.

At what point does a thought in the Quantum Ocean become a physical

object in the world around us?

At what point does a drop of water in a lake become the first ice

crystal as the temperature drop?

That dividing line is where you and I will find the Creator God. Stop

looking for it outside in the heavens. Look within. The kingdom of

heaven is within.

Think of the physical world all around us as dense vibrating matter.

The closer we move towards the un-manifested energy world of the

Quantum Ocean, Mid of God, the more finer and powerful and faster are

the vibrations of energy.

At that point the sense physical reality is turning into Life Force.

Just before you cross over to the un-manifest the physical world

vibration is at its most powerful stage.

That is what, I believe, white gold powder does. It brings the energy

of the symbol or your body to the very edge of physical reality. Just

before you cross over in the un-manifest reality.

It is at this point that the symbol and your body receive the powerful healing and regenerating power.

Right on the other side of the dividing line at this point exists the divine blueprint of a human being. This goes beyond similarity, congruence into exactly. At this point there is no physical body and blueprint. One overlays the other and healing begins.

As soul prepares to incarnate for another lifetime it must once again pass through this edge. Just as the soul moves into the realm of physical existence they are perfectly healthy and finely tuned.

As the soul is absorbed into the race psyche (collective humanity) and moves deeper and deeper into the dense physical reality all around it it gets bent out of shape and loses its perfection.

White gold powder takes you or the symbol you are using back to that dividing line and gives you a dose of pure life force energy again. Healing starts all over again.

Well that is what I think.

It is interesting that the great pioneer healers of the Age of Aquarius, Hanhamann (Homeopathy); Schussler (Cell Salts), Bach (flower Remedies) and Dinshah (color) all intuitively knew about this dividing line.

That is why the potentized their remedies to get as close to this dividing line as possible to make them as powerful as possible

Hope this helps


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